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  1. Virginia says

    Never ever ever give up on Ryan! I know you won’t he is in there somewhere just waiting to come out and say hi i am doing well THANK YOU SO MUCH for never giving up on me i love you all.

  2. linda walters says

    never lose hope. my big brother is 60 this year he was injured at 16 he never has totally come out of it. so many similarities. he does not walk,he does eat well ,his right side is affected. his hand is drawed up, he has rigid spasisity and shakes a lot he does speak in short low volume sentenences his name is Richard. will be praying foe you. I just happened to read about the guy getting parole, first time I read about this tragedy please let me know about the hyperbaric oxygen therepy I have considered that for Richard but don’t know much about it on long term brain trauma

  3. says

    Hello, I’ve been praying for Ryan and family since this horrible event happen. I used to live in Motown at the time this happen. All of you have never left my prayers!! God Bless you all.

  4. Hannah says

    I love all of the family even though I’ve never met even 1 of you. I can’t even imagine…. What strength! My love to you all. Merry Christmas.

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