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By accessing this website(ryansrally.org and all sub-pages, to include the blog), a web browser (hereafter user or reader) consents that s/he is familiar with, understands and absolutely accepts, without condition(s), the following disclaimer:

  • Ownership: ryansrally.org (also known as “this website”), to include all content, is entirely owned and operated by and under Ryan’s Rally LLC, a United States based limited liability company.
  • Trademarks: Ryan’s Rally, Rally for Ryan, RyansRally, We Got This, and all combinations — to include variations of punctuation and capitalization within these terms/phrases (e.g., Ryan’s Rally: We Got This!) — are claimed trademarks, and may not be used without written permission from this website.
  • Pronoun Usage: This website is an entity unto itself and might have personal pronouns to represent it or be associated primarily with a particular grammatical person – first person (as I), second person (as you), or third person (as hesheit). Personal pronouns may also take different forms depending on number (usually singular or plural), grammatical or natural gender, case, and formality. The term “personal” is used here purely to signify the grammatical sense; personal pronouns are not limited to people and can also refer to animals, objects, entities (e.g., website, LLC). When used on this website, first person pronouns shall be interpreted as this website personified, even though written by a specific author. This website accepts the transfer of ownership of all content from an author/commenter and claims it as its own and the author relinquish any claim, ownership, and/or legal liability and/or claim to the website/blog. In lay terms, the website/blog owns and accepts all responsibility (thus fully relieving the author) for all content presented on its domain.
  • Content Validity: This website is dynamic and always in transition and intends to continue as such. The information publish today might not be valid or accurate one week or one year from now. It can not even be guaranteed as accurate one second from now. It will always try to be right but, for sake of simplicity, assume it is not correct at all and is opinion and/or just one representation of the truth as it is understood. Content, sources, information and links change over time, so be aware that there is no intention of continually checking and verifying the natural and/or unnatural evolution of this website’s content.
  • Terms of use: Readers of this website do so of their own free will and are taking the opinions and information provided at entirely their own risk. Readers recognize and accept that this is only opinion and/or one account of what is considered the truth.
  • Content Accuracy: We all make mistakes. Assume the content, information, and opinions are wrong. It is the truth as it is understood by this website. This website will clearly be one-sided and biased toward Ryan Diviney’s situation and against those who are opined as responsible. This website is not above name-calling and an occasional “nanny, nanny, pooh-pooh”. All rights are reserved to make updates, deletions, edits, or changes to any and all content, to include this disclaimer, without notification at any future time. While effort is made to ensure the accuracy of the information presented on this website, the user should find any and all available resources and opinions to make sure it is current and accurate. Ultimately, it is up to you, the user, to explore and understand all points-of-view and sources of information; thereby the users recognizes and understands that this website/blog is one among many sources of information and opinion.
  • External Links: This website may intentionally or inadvertently link to content that is offensive, obscene, obtuse, annoying, frivolous, boring, politically incorrect, shocking, senseless, insulting, amazingly dull, illegal, socially unacceptable, and/or funny. There is no explicit or implied responsibility whatsoever for the damages any of those websites/links may inflict upon you, your family, your friends, your dog, your ego, your computer, your finances, you real and/or personal property, nor any other living or non-living entity in the worldly or spiritual realm. Uniform (or universal) resource locator, the address of a World Wide Web page (commonly called “URL”s) and domains have occasion to change hands and/or become inactive, so even if it is initially accurate, it might — and sometimes does — change on the other end.
  • Use of User’s Information/Privacy:  You will not intentionally be put you on spam lists.  Your contact information will not be sold. This Website is not responsible for the privacy practices of any advertisers, hyperlinked URLs, or website/blog commenters.  Be aware, your information just might be published if you’re especially annoying. This includes your email, IP address, telephone number, all information that may be acquired through an IP lookup, and whatever else can be dug up on you by whatever legal means available.
  • Photographs, Graphic Images, Charts, Diagrams, and Other Visual Representations (herein “Images”): This website might use images that are not its property. When is such, the source will be cited. Otherwise, all photos are hereby claimed and this website is held harmless from any harm caused by the images, to include offending someone.
  • Files, Programs, and Downloadables: This website might offer downloadable files or programs. It takes no responsibility in the event a file damages or harms someone’s blog, site, computer, ego, pride, and so on. All files, programs, and downloads from this website/blog — like any other electronic transfer — should be first checked by the reader’s own anti-virus software.
  • Liable and Defame: Be clear that anyone reading this website will not hold it or any author liable for what is said, written, or displayed. You freely choose to view this and accept the content as opinion and as an understanding as just one version of the perceived truth. The content on the website is opinion and conjecture, not intended to malign any religion, ethnic group, club, organization, company, person, or anyone or thing; especially those with the ability and desire to fight back. Now, if something is perceived as true and casts a poor light on an entity then, well, they had it coming. Although it may seem otherwise, this website/blog does not offer legal, medical, psychiatric, veterinary, gynecological, archaeological, astronomical, astrological, ontological, paleontological, philosophical, axiological, audiological, bacteriological, mineralogical, criminological, terminological, dermatological, ecclesiastical, campanological, phrenological, phonological, technological, hematological, campanological, neurological, psychobiological, urological, ufological, typological, mythological, hydrological, xylological, zoological, logical or any other kind of professional advice. Nothing on this website should be construed as professional advice including, but not limited to, the above list.
  • Personal Views: These are personal views of this website. The website is opinion and how it understands the truth. Still, if you are opposed to opinion and/or comment(s), there are websites/blogs that support opposing and/or differing views. Should you (the reader) find any such content that is harmful, malicious, sensitive, inaccurate, or unnecesary, this website request that you contact us, via the email Contact form, so it can be potentially rectified. If something is not correct then it is the website/blog desire to get it right.
  • Protection from Commenters: This website is not responsible, nor will be held liable, for anything anyone says in the website commenting areas, nor the laws which they may break in any country through their comments’ content, implication, and intent.
  • Do No Harm: This website’s intention is to do no harm. To not injure others, defame, or libel. “Harm” is often subject to interpretation, not facts. This website is heavily opinion-base and nothing written shall be considered otherwise. It is not counsel, advice, or news. What is written on this website is not to be taken as fact nor absolute. If readers use the advice, tips, techniques, and recommendations, and are injured/harmed, this website will not to be held responsible. The information provided is for entertainment, opinion, and debate purposes only. It is expressly not providing medical, legal, homeopathic, therapeutic, romantic, marital, spiritual, cosmetic, or other professional advice. Again, readers are reading and/or using any of the information they glean from this website at their own risk.
  • Disclosure of Paid-to-Blog: This website’s content was not generated to make money or be paid for any blogging or other content. Although, if money can be made for Ryan Diviney’s direct or indirect benefit, it’s always an option that might be exercised without notice.
  • Language Issues: Language is a tricky thing, so this website will not be responsible for translation or interpretation of content. As in all written venues, punctuation can change the intent of a statement, so this website will remain harmless from prosecution, libel, and slander for bad grammar and punctuation.
  • Copyright: All information on this website is copyrighted material. Unless otherwise noted, this website is the legal copyright holder of the material on this website and it may not be used, printed, reprinted, published, or republished without written consent from this website/blog or by the presentation of court order. Those who chose and/or unknowingly ignore this explicit and claimed copyright protection agree to minimum payment of:
    • One-hundred United States dollars ($100) per standard 12-point font 8-1/2 inch x 11 inch page, plus all legal and administrative fees to remedy the infringement, and
    • Five-Hundred United States dollars ($500) per copyrighted images of this website, plus all legal and administrative fees to remedy the infringement.
  • International and Cultural Laws: This website is not responsible for defamatory statements bound to government, religious, or other laws from the reader’s country of origin or residence.
  • Reserve Rights: This website reserves the right to change the focus of this website/blog, to shut it down, to sell it, or to change the terms of use (e.g., go to a paid platform). We reserve the right to modify this User Agreement at any time, and without prior notice, by posting amended terms on this website. Your continued use of this website indicates your acceptance of the amended User Agreement.
  • User Conduct: You understand this website is available for your personal, non-commercial use only. You represent, warrant and agree that no materials of any kind submitted by you or otherwise posted or shared by you through this website will violate or infringe upon the rights of any third party, including copyright, trademark, privacy, publicity or other personal or proprietary rights; or contain libelous, defamatory or otherwise unlawful material. You further agree not to harvest or collect email addresses or other contact information of Users from this website by electronic or other means. Additionally, you agree not to use automated scripts to collect information from this website for any purpose. You further agree that you may not use this website in any unlawful manner or in any other manner that could damage, disable, overburden or impair this website. In addition, you agree not to use this website to:
    • upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make available any content that we deem to be harmful, threatening, unlawful, defamatory, infringing, abusive, inflammatory, harassing, vulgar, obscene, fraudulent, invasive of privacy or publicity rights, hateful, or racially, ethnically or otherwise objectionable;
    • register for more than one User account, register for a User account on behalf of an individual other than yourself, or register for a User account on behalf of any group or entity;
    • post or transmit any content that involves unlawful, deception or unfair advertising;
    • violates any regulation regarding the secrecy or privacy of information;
    • violates the intellectual property rights of any party;
    • impersonate any person or entity, or falsely state or otherwise misrepresent yourself, your age or your affiliation with any person or entity;
    • upload, post, transmit, share or otherwise make available any unsolicited or unauthorized advertising, solicitations, promotional materials, “junk mail,” “spam,” “chain letters,” “pyramid schemes,” or any other form of solicitation;
    • upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make publicly available any private information of any third party, including, without limitation, Social Security numbers and credit card numbers;
    • solicit personal information from anyone under 18 or solicit passwords or personally identifying information for commercial or unlawful purposes;
    • upload, post, transmit, share or otherwise make available any material that contains software viruses or any other computer code, files or programs designed to interrupt, destroy or limit the functionality of any computer software or hardware or telecommunications equipment;
    • intimidate or harass another user;
    • upload, post, transmit, share, store or otherwise make available content that would constitute, encourage or provide instructions for a criminal offense, violate the rights of any party, or that would otherwise create liability or violate any local, state, national or international law;
    • use or attempt to use another’s account, or create a false identity on this website.
  • User Content Posted on this Website: You are solely responsible for the photos, profiles, messages, notes, text, information, music, video, advertisements and other content that you upload, publish or display on or through this website, or transmit to or share with other Users (collectively the “User Content”). You understand and agree that this website may, but is not obligated to, review and delete or remove (without notice) any User Content in its sole discretion, including without limitation User Content that in the sole judgment of this website violate this User Agreement or which might be offensive, illegal, or that might violate the rights, harm, or threaten the safety of Users or others.By posting User Content to any part of this website, you automatically grant a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 license, and you represent and warrant that you have the right to grant, to this website, an irrevocable, during the time period permitted by law, non-exclusive, transferable, fully paid, worldwide license (with the right to sublicense) to use, copy, publicly perform, publicly display, reformat, translate, excerpt (in whole or in part) and distribute such User Content for any purpose on or in connection with this website or the promotion thereof, to prepare derivative works of, or incorporate into other works, such User Content, and to grant and authorize sublicenses of the foregoing.
  • User Disputes: You are solely responsible for your interactions with other Users. We reserve the right, but have no obligation, to monitor disputes between you and other Users.
  • Advertisers and Sponsors: This website is not responsible for the actions of its advertisers or sponsors, if any. If a user purchases a product or service based upon a link or content from this website/blog, you must take action with that company to resolve the issue.
  • “Contact Me” Policy: This website reserves the right to share letters and emails with this website’s audience, so anything you write or speak must be considered non-confidential. This website claims ownership of these letters, emails, text messages, voicemails, comments, and all other forms of verbal, non-verbal, and written commnucation to later be used in posts, up-and-coming book or columns, or in any other media, and the writer realizes they relinquish complete ownership. It is further understood that using “Contact Me” represents contacting the entity Ryan’s Rally LLC, and not one person in particular.
  • Gifts: All activity associated under the structure of The Ryan Diviney Special Needs Trust Fund (also know as “Ryan Diviney SNT”) is not an entity of Ryan’s Rally LLC. Neither are charitable organizations having the benefit of taxable deductions. All donations are considered gifts. However, if you do wish to make a charitable donation with tax benefits we can instruct on how to facilitate this with the International Brain Research Foundation or other organization. They will direct your contribution toward Ryan’s treatment.
  • IP Addresses: Every computer and mobile device has an IP (Internet Protocol) address. IP addresses of computers/mobile devices used to visit this website/blog are logged by an independent third-party. Be aware, your IP address is every bit as identifying as your telephone number or street address. In addition, this website may automatically collect other information; including such data as email addresses, browser types, operating systems, and the URL addresses of sites clicked to and from this site, among other information. Getting the IP address of a user is quite easy, even when they attempt to mask it through a proxy server. Don’t believe it? Just check this explanation.

This website is owned and operated, by and under, Ryan’s Rally LLC.

This disclaimer is copyrighted, just because it can be.


  1. Jo Hobbs says

    This should be at the beginning of your book! You are the funniest man whom I have ever (not) met. This is hysterical! You keep us going with you. Still here.

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