TBI Links

Daily Dose of Hope (for our son, Jonathan)
The pursuit of Faith, Hope, Love, Joy, Wholeness, Wellness & Quality of Life, while giving 24/7 care to our son, who suffered a TBI in 2007.

Love, Prayers, & Updates for Brett Stemple
A Facebook page for Brett Stemple, who was in a terrible car accident Wednesday February 20, 2013. Pray, Believe, & Hope for his recovery.

Fans Against Violence
FAVs mission is to encourage fan safety at professional sporting events through education, discussion & partnerships with like-minded organizations.

International Brain Research Foundation (IBRF)
IBRF’s mission is multifaceted, with a vision toward advancing cutting-edge brain discoveries in diagnosis & treatment.

Katie and Ben
August 27, 2009 we were involved in a massive car accident in AL. Ben was diagnosed with TBI that forever changed our lives.

Kyleigh Sousa Foundation
In May 2010, the world lost a beautiful soul. Kyleigh life ended in a heinous crime, taking an innocent victim and leaving a wake of pain and heartbreak.

Sherrin Baggot’s Story

On May 13, 2012, 22 year-old Sherrin Baggott was in a car accident. Sherrin was diagnosed with a severe TBI (diffuse axonal injury). Sherrin is able to understand nearly everything around her but her body is still struggling to recover. As Sherrin’s sister, I  share her story and have become Sherrin’s unofficial publicist. I am constantly updating Sherrin’s progress.

Thomas Lavigne CaringBridge
Keeping friends & family updated about a loved one.

Yes! Grace Rocks, Inc.
Yes! Grace Rocks, Inc. provides support to families when their child is diagnosed with a brain tumor or brain injury.

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