1. Dresia Vaughn says

    This is truly heartbreaking as a viewer, and even worst for a mother, father, sister, and many of Ryan’s close friends to see him in this condition from when he first entered the hospital up to now. I thank the family for sharing the photos on Ryan. Those MONSTERS had no right to raise their foot no matter how mad they were, and cause extensive damage to Ryan’s life. I’m praying though I don’t know Ryan, that he recovers (though things may never be the same again) but at least recover 80 percent if not 90. To all the friends of Ryan, his family, continue to be there for Ryan, with all your love in more ways then one. Ryan maybe not be focused right now, but he can hear those sweet and loving voices and he can feel your touches and kisses, so this by itself is also healing to him. I am so sorry for what happened to Ryan but I am so very happy to see the progress he has made with the help of the wonderful therapist, and family and friends. To all the wonderful hospital staff, Doctor’s, nurses, surgeons, you had your hands very full with Ryan, thank you for working with Ryan who is doing much better now and will continue to do so. To the family of Ryan, stay strong, and keep the faith. Ryan is already a miracle.

    • says

      I’m so sorry.about what them.stupid, idiots.did to Ryan.and as a parent it pisses me off!! Because what they did was un caused heart aches for your family.and the sad part is.them basterds that did that crap.didn’t even look sorry.if anything.they had that smug look on they face.that they hate.they got caught.and I wanna also say this one person that had made a comment.THAT IS NOT AN OPPITION OF LETTING RYAN GO!!! I’m damn proud of Ryan family.and I think they are doing a KICKASS JOB!!! So it don’t matter what anybody thinks.Ryan has great parents who can think on they own.they have enough problems as is.with out nobody saying some disrespectful about how they are raising they son.

  2. Ana Rincon says

    How do I make a donation. I can send some type of money. I would like to help. It hurts me to see ur son like this. I saw ur interview on the today show.

    • Elizabeth says

      I would also like to make a donation for Ryan! I truly admire your patience and dedication to your son’s well-being. I’ll do what I can to help you and your son. Please let us know. God bless.

  3. JORDAN says


    • MMitchell says

      Jordan do you have children? I’m thinking your answer is probably no if you make a comment such as you did. Those of us that have compassion know what a horrible thing this person did to Ryan AND his family. To make a comment such as “unibomber” I’m assuming (althought I can’t speak for who put it there) they are comparing him to the “unibomber” as he also had no compassion for the human life and was extremely selfish…as is Vantrease. It is so sad to see that a family, be it the Diviney’s or any other family, has to go through such a tragedy because some idiots didn’t know how to control their anger over something so trivial. I hope that Vantrease spends the 10 years in jail, and I hope that someone gives him a taste of what it feels like to not be cared about and not care about someone’s life and to think they can just do whatever they want.

  4. Miranda Yocom says

    I love you, Ry <3 And Mr. Diviney, and Kari, and Ms. Diviney <3 You guys are amazing, and no matter what I will be here for you, nothing in life stays permanent and these hard times will be over soon…someday we can look back and realise that life has gotten better, I promise to be there every step of the way through even the most difficult moments of all! 😀

  5. Lisa Nash - Trinidad & Tobago says

    I have a personal friend whose name is also Ryan. He became paralysed after a fall from a gallery. He does not have 1/4 of the support this Ryan has. So I applaud the tremendous support that Ryan Diviney is receiving from friends, family & well wishers. I know it will make a difference, so keep it up. Remember that he can hear you, so always be mindful of what you’re saying around him. I will also pray for him as I continue to pray for my friend Ryan. At times when you feel the weariness coming on, keep the ultimate goal in sight. Ignore the negative & hold fast to the positive. Remember that God is good & His mercy endures forever!!!

  6. Jen says

    To the child who did not like the unibomber comment, that actually did not come from The Diviney’s. Though when I saw the picture the thought that ran through my head was “Thug”, the unibomber was a bit older than VanTrease. BY THE WAY YOU CAN STOP SCREAMING NOW! I think the reason Duke keeps getting into so many pictures is he is trying to pose with his best side towards the camera. Tell him not to worry, each side is his best side:).

  7. Greg Ruth says

    God love you Ryan, your family, friends and many well-wishers. My heart goes out to all involved and obviously especially to you Ryan. I cannot believe the VERY LIGHT sentence those two thugs received. It just drives me crazy…they each should had been given 25 to life. Too bad I wasn’t the judge. It boggles my mind to know end! Anyway, stay strong Buddy! You have a lot of loving and caring people waiting for you so hurry up and get back home.

  8. sandra knowles says

    I dont have words for the emotions I feel on a daily basis-morning and evening when I read this site. I only know that it is raw and from the heart and reaches out to me as I know it does so many people. As a parent myself, I can only imagine the pain you feel non-stop and I pray that you will continue to have the strength to endure. I just know you will. So many of us have given our hearts over to you, please draw on all of our energy. And again, thank you for sharing your pain and love with all of us.

  9. Keith says

    These Photos are Emothional. As a Young person its just hurts to see that someone would do this to someone. My Heart Breaks for all of Your Family And My Prayers Continue Ryans Way. Ken, Sue and Kari May God be with You all the Time and Give You Comfort in Knowing that Ryan is Gonna Be a Miracle. I hold onto the Faith that he will be a Walking, Talking Miracle and to let people know what God done for him. Prayers Continuing From Morgantown!

  10. Dresia Vaughn says

    How is Ryan doing this year, 2011? Trying to find some updated information on him but can’t find any.

  11. Cheryl Kushak says

    My heart goes out to Ryan and his family.I can’t even begin to understand why anyone one would want to hurt another human being.My prayers and thoughts are with Ryan and his family.

  12. Abby Rininger says

    I just went through all the blogs && pictures. I’m at work balling my eyes. Your son is such an inspiration && you guys will continue to be in my prayers!

  13. Jennifer Majette says

    Dear dear sweet wonderful loving family, I found you by accident . I read your story about your lovely son all the while weeping thru the turn of every page. I am a mother of just one son. I have very little in the way of finances but I am going to go to the amazon site & send something . Always love, jen

  14. Josh says

    The system failed your family…..
    I understand unconditional love through the images of your family……
    You are in my thoughts…..

  15. Jamie says

    I’ve been following this site for years now and it still tears my heart up to think about what your family and Ryan are living with every day. I get emotional every time I see a post from you on Facebook, or I visit this site. What a strong family you have. May God bless all of you.

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