Photo Composition: Fifth Anniversary

(Kaitlin Newman/For The Baltimore Sun)

Last Friday (November 7), on the fifth anniversary of Ryan’s attack, the Baltimore Sun ran a wonderful piece. The Photo Journalist who put it together, Kaitlin Newman, told me that it had more than 85,000 online views just over that weekend! It’s easy to see why it is so popular… the twenty photographs she included […]

Five Years

Ken and Ryan Diviney

For the most part, I really don’t know what to say about how I’m feeling. Even if I did, how is it possible for me to articulate? I’ll try anyhow. Before I do, the most important thing must be addressed first. Namely, you. You and all the others who are “Team Diviney”. Where would Ryan […]

November 2014: Five Things Happening

ryan graduation

Again, I apologize for not being as regular in my writing. I’m really struggling emotionally… have been for a while, actually. There’s just something about the yearly anniversary of Ryan’s attack that touches me at the deepest level. It hurts… badly. Each year it feels like it digs in a little more. Still, I owe […] Online!

Hard to look at, huh?

It’s far from complete, but I did some work on bringing the website online over the weekend. This domain/URL was previously owned and operated by the Vantrease contingent. Well, that is, until I sent the family a strongly worded letter to stop their nonsense. After they shut it down, I promptly claimed it. You […]

Surgery Successful. Recovery Chaotic.

Ryan uses a Bi-PAP in recovery.

Ryan’s surgery took a bit longer than anticipated, but went smoothly. I wish I could say the same for the hours immediately following. He was struggling to breath. It was clear he was in distress. Each time he inhaled he gasped. It progressed quickly to him pulling in air entirely too labored. He would gasp, […]