That’s Not How This Tragedy Works…


Yesterday was, effectively, a lost day in my life. Except for getting up to eat and use the bathroom I slept right through it. Over a twenty-six hour period, I slept somewhere around twenty-four! I would have slept even longer, if not for my alarm going off this morning. I didn’t intend for this to […]

Guest Post: Getting My Irish Up

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by Karen Tiplady (an Irish Lass) “Don’t get your Irish up” – a phrase that my Mom would use, which, of course meant my Irish temper. She was mostly German and lucky enough to be just a bit Irish, but my Dad was wholeheartedly Irish. I love being Irish and am a proud Irishman. My […]

Video: We Belt Out a Hilarious Karaoke!

John Denver, Take Me Home (Country Roads).

There’s no doubt about it, I just haven’t had the best of attitudes lately. Actually, I’m struggling. Another summer lost… another NFL season kicks off without Ryan cheering wildly — in his Washington jersey — at the large screen television, alongside me on the (entirely too) large sectional sofa. So… I guess I’m posting this […]

Moving On…

Because of my cheesey parents some traditions will never change.. First day of 5th grade - first day of my first real job. can't believe I was almost late for this.

Form my daughter’s (Kari Diviney) Facebook: “Today was my first day at my first real world job. I couldn’t help but feel saddened by the fact that my brother will never be able to experience life and growing up. His life was robbed of him far too young and he was robbed from me & […]