For a Few Hours…It (Almost) Felt Normal

Turtle on Deck Ramp

The past six days, and today also, were perfect weather-wise. Temperatures in the low- to mid-eighties… gentle breeze… blue skies exploding with brilliant sunlight.  The wildlife — to  the extent found in the suburbs — is extremely active. The birds sing as the sun rises and keep at it until the bullfrogs pick-up the harmony at […]

FirstGiving Site Up & Running for RAAM

Last July 11. Ryan in ICU.

by Frank Fumich  Thank you for visiting my fundraising page [FirstGiving]! In 2009, Ryan Diviney was a 20-year old sophomore student attending West Virginia University on a 4-year academic scholarship. Up to that point in his life he was a smart, fun-loving, athletic young man who had the world at his fingertips and big plans for […]

Share My Pain… Even Just a Short While


You must know, I love to read your comments and emails. Honestly, I bet most people don’t understand how much it means to me. There are many who are better at expressing my feelings — in their comments — than I can.  I’ll write a post then read the associated comments and think, “Yes! That what […]

Guest Post: It’s Gonna Get Ugly…

It's gonna get ugly

by Frank Fumich (from Facebook) There’s only 12 more Mondays before RAAM (Race Across America) begins. On June 16, I’ll begin a 3,000 mile bike race across the country for Ryan Diviney. Ryan was attacked and beaten to within an inch of his life [by Austin Vantrease and Jonathan May, both from Newark, Delaware] 5-plus […]