Do You Realize You’re Special?

Ryan DIviney using Functional Electrical Stimulation

I stood in the doorway between Ryan’s room and what is now his therapy area. It’s the middle of the night. The house, and every human and animal in it, is asleep. Well, except for me. There will be no sleep for me tonight. I’m pulling a “all-nighter”. It’s my second one this week. As a […]

Guest Post: My Secret from the Divineys

Ryan and Kaitlyn (15 years old).

by Karen Tiplady  Foreshadowing… Late July 2009 – It was late, the middle of the night, in fact.  We moms, we are always listening.  The “kids” were wrapping up the summer between their freshman and sophomore years in college.  There was a noise; I popped up and asked, “Who is that?”  It was Ryan.  He […]

It Happens All the Time


I hate when it happens. It happens all the time. It never get an easier. A week never passes without it. It’s always a tragedy how these people find Ryan’s website. My heart breaks every time. You see, I know what’s happening too. A loved one (sadly, far too often someone’s child) has just suffered […]

A Special Birthday After All

sue and kari pic stitch

My wife, Sue, had her birthday anniversary yesterday. We spent the day at the hospital. Ryan had minor surgery to remove a stent between his kidney and bladder that was placed there to treat a nasty kidney stone condition (infection and blockage). All-in-all, it went well. It was the “least sucky” I suppose it could […]