The Weather Outside is Frightful

Today's weather conditions here in Northern Virginia.

I’m so over winter. I believe my area — Northern Virginia — set a record for both temperature (6 degrees) and wind chill (-7 degrees). On top of this there is a snowstorm coming, expected to roll in overnight, complete with gusty winds. Looks like we’ll get 4 or 5 inches, give or take. For most, […]

Need I Say More?

Ken and Ryan Diviney

It’s weird which reader comments affect me. It’s probably not the ones you think might either. Comments from “haters” really don’t touch me. They roll off my back. Actually, these benefit this website by getting everyone riled up. Readership explodes. You need look no further than the “Most Commented” articles (ranked in the right sidebar) […]

Kari Diviney: “How Can Austin Vantrease Smile?”

Kari & Ryan

Commentary & Opinion by Kari Diviney (Ryan Diviney’s younger sister) I haven’t posted in a while. It’s something about the holidays that makes me, well, honestly… feel a lot of emptiness. This might sound selfish and it is hard to admit, but going on Facebook (or any form of social media, for that matter) during […]

Ryan Does Something New

Ryan Diviney Tarsorrhaphy Repeated

Something different happened with Ryan on Saturday night. As you probably know, his eyelids are mostly sutured shut (called a tarsorrhaphy). Each has a small opening on the nasal side… just enough to see out. He had to have this done to protect his eyes from drying out, which was causing infections. He ran the […]