Koons Donating Van!

Today’s a big day for us! Koons Automotive is donating a new “adapted” van. Most people know this as a handicap van, but I thinking it might not be politically correct to say this any longer. Not sure why. I should probably look in to this. 

I’ll make sure to get a lot of pictures and video.

I do know the media will be here. Newspapers are coming for sure. I’m crossing my fingers that we might get television coverage too. You just never know. So much depends on what other news is happening at the same time. Koons deserves it. Ryan deserves it… it keeps him relevant. I’ll write all about the day’s events tomorrow.

I’d also like to remind you of two fundraisers:

  •  The first begins today. A longtime friend of Ryan’s is hosting a week-long one at the Hair Loft in Leesburg, VA. You can never look to pretty!
  • The second is on December 21st at Mali Thai in Ashburn, VA. This should be a good time to treat yourself with a night off from cooking during Christmas week with some outstanding ethnic food.

Both are donating their proceeds to Ryan’s Special Needs Trust Fund.

Today’s post must be a short one. I have to step-it-up to get Ryan’s therapies in this morning so that we can enjoy the van and publicity. Anyone who is in the area is free to stop by to see it. It’s going down at noon.


  1. Paula says

    Woohoooo!! Today is the day!! THANK YOU KOONS FORD!! Believe me, Koons has just acquired a whole new legion of fans — not just those here on Team Diviney, but all our family and friends and everyone else who learns about Koon’s enormous generosity!!

    Ken, Ryan, Sue and Kari — you all deserve this and so much more — we are all so happy for you, because for the first time in over three years, you can go out together as a family – something most families take for granted. God bless you all, and always remember how many people love and care about you!!!

    Koons family– you’ve helped me to remember that there ARE many good people in this world who genuinely care about others and who will take action to help them. Today you are making a tremendous difference in the lives of truly good people who have been suffering greatly through no fault of their own. God bless you for your kindness and willingess to get involved.

    Sending love and prayers, hugs and hope always to you, Ken, and Ryan, Sue and Kari.

  2. Gloria says

    What a wonderful gift! Koons Ford has given a gift to Ryan that will help to make his care a little easier and safer.

  3. Tony says

    I’m sharing this news with my son who lives in DC. He may want to consider this dealer for his car servicing in the future. They deserve the recommendation in my book.

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