3 Items You Should Know About Today

Sheesh.  All it feels like is I’m giving you a list of updates lately. What can I say, it’s a busy time around here (and will be for a few more weeks). I hope, before too long, I can get back to my hilarious self. Not today though. Today is for keeping you informed. 

Sleep Study

Tonight I take Ryan to the Sleep Diagnostic Center. Transport should be here around 7:30 pm for the short ten minute ride to the facility. By nine o’clock Ryan will be all wired up with the EEG and the test will begin shortly afterwards. It will run until five o’clock the following morning. I expect us home before six and resume a normal day of activities and therapies.

via entandallergy.com

via entandallergy.com

Sue and a couple of friends will be at home if we need anything brought out to us (and to watch the woofers). On and off throughout the day today I’ll start pulling together all the supplies that we’ll need take with us. I’m hoping my planning will be good enough that Sue won’t need disturbed.

I wish I could say the same for Ryan. He’s already been disturbed. Plenty. To prepare for tonight, it meant an early start to today. We began getting him up at 4:30 am. By five o’clock he was already in the chamber getting his hyperbaric oxygen treatment (HBOT). An hour-and-a-half later and he was pushing the peddles of the exercise bike!

As for me, my plan for tonight is to spend time working on the website. While in the darkened room with Ryan, I must remain absolutely quiet. In some ways, this will be a nice break for me. It allows time to think without (as many) interruptions; something I get so little of anymore. Who knows, I might even enjoy it?

Until the morning, that is. The lack of sleep will be a bitch tomorrow. Actually, don’t count on me being hilarious tomorrow either…


Holiday Cards

We ran into a small glitch in our mailing the cards. About fifty were delivered back to our home. Hopefully, that will be all of them. We’re not exactly sure why this happened, but it seems it might have something to do with where we put our return address. The Postal Service looks like they mistook this as the delivery address. We have resent most and will get the rest out today.

There’s still a few days to get one of our holiday cards, but not many! If you helped us along the way we really want to send you one. Our daughter, Kari, designed it and it would mean a lot to us. Just click on the button to get one. [button color=”red” background=”green” size=”small” src=”http://ryansrally.org/mailing-list/”]I want a card![/button]



I added a new feature to Ryan’s Rally that I want to try. You can now send a text message directly to me! The number is 919-702-7296. No need to write it down since you can always get it from the Contact Me page or in the footer of every website page. Just so you know, this number does not accept phone calls, just text messages. If you do send me a text, would you try to remember to tell me your name the first time? After that, I’ll capture your phone number and know who you are.

Remember, your cellular plan’s usage and rates will apply as usual.


There you go. The stuff you should know for today. But, don’t forget, I have some exciting news coming that helps Ryan (and me). The big day is this next Monday, but I will probably announce it before then because I want you to be the first to know and not see it on the evening news or in the newspapers like everyone else. I’ll try to hold off as long as I can in telling you, but it could be anytime. Even today, for that matter. It’s driving me crazy!


  1. Gail Doyle says

    Ken, Hope you can get a little rest in Ryan’s room and that test gives some good information .Love to all . Thanks for all the updates .Always like to know what’s happening with Ryan
    Love Gail

  2. Rita says

    Why don’t you try to sleep while Ryan sleeps tonight? If the center doesn’t have accomodations for you, I’m sure that Sue wouldn’t mind making a pillow and blanket run tonight… And I’m going to take a wild guess here: is what’s driving you crazy a van??

  3. Sandy Martin says

    Thanks for the update! Can’t wait for the good news. I always did like surprises!! Take care and hope you can get a little rest tonight.

  4. Paula says

    Hi Ken, after reading your blog today, I found myself just sitting here staring at the screen, contemplating how you do all this on minimum sleep. Wow, I thought I had been busy but even if I stepped up my game ten fold I couldn’t get close to what you and Ryan accomplish every day.

    Okay, I’m soooo excited about whatever it is you’re going to announce … and it takes a lot to surprise me — or make me laugh, for that matter — but you’re able to do both very well. So I remain eagerly awaiting along with everyone else on Team Diviney. You tease lol!

    Praying that the sleep study goes smoothly and that you are able to enjoy some quiet time. If I remember it took a while to get the results last time. I always find these very interesting to learn about — after you explain what the results mean, that is.

    Hoping that you and Ryan enjoy your day, even if the grayness — I am thinking of you both with love and prayers as we continue to walk the journey of hope along with the rest of Team Diviney. Please give Ryan a big hug from me.

  5. Colleen says

    It’s almost like waiting for Santa Clause! Love the updates and can’t wait to hear the exciting news. Good Luck tonight and try and get some much needed rest.

  6. Jo says

    Ha! you think you’re excited, I can see from the posts, we are over the top with excitement! Hoping for a surprise that’s the epitome of all surprises –ever!! In my day, we called it a “Happening.” I will be thinking about you and Ryan all day and night, and Sue and her crew also. Wish I were there! :)

  7. Gloria says

    You amaze me! I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone that can operate on less sleep than you. Excited and checking in constantly for your NEWS.

  8. Jenny Regalia says

    WOW, you all sure have been busy, busy, busy!!!!!!! I bet Ryan was like, HEY, why are waking me up so dam early, lol
    I have received my Christmas card and it was the highlight of my day yesterday!!! The picture is just priceless. Thank you for caring enough to send me one.

    Sending XOXOOXO to you all as you go about your day!

  9. Carla Liberty says

    DRIVING you crazy sounds like new wheels!!! OH MY! I hope that is the case, because you deserve this and we have prayed for it for sooooo long.

    Hope the sleep study is going well. This MOTNC member is praying for great results. :)

    Thinking of you – as always!

    PS: My dad was so touched by your Christmas card …..


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