Things Get Busy. A List of What’s Happening.

Starting this week, it’s going to get busy for Ryan and myself. We have several appointments lined-up. Unfortunately, most require taking Ryan out. Today’s post is more informative than entertaining. My intent is to get you caught-up on what’s going on. 

I guess the best way to do this is to just list it out in chronological order:

  • Sue snuggles up to Ryan before getting hooked-up for his sleep study in October 2011.

    December 12, Sleep Study. In October 2011, we took Ryan to a sleep diagnostics center. He will again spend a night hooked-up to an EEG, with at least two dozen wires attached to his head,  to measure his brain waves throughout the night. Our hope is he will “sleep” in a way that is similar to how we do. Meaning, he will go through cycles and achieve REM sleep. He did meet this, to some degree, during the first study. It takes about ten days until we get the report.

  • December 17, Some exciting news on this day. Consider this a teaser. I would expect media coverage as a company helps us out in a big way.
  • December 19, Urologist and (possibly) urodynamics. This was rescheduled from last month. We will take Ryan to Georgetown University to have a battery of tests — called urodynamics — performed to assess his bladder, kidney, and urinary functions and characteristics. That is, provided he doesn’t develop a UTI. We already know his urine is contaminated (bacteria are colonized). A culture we sent out the week of Thanksgiving confirmed it, but an infection hasn’t yet developed.
  • December 21, Depositions. Attorneys from both sides are coming to Ashburn to take my family’s depositions for the civil suit. I expect each of us will spend four to six hours answering questions. I haven’t heard the location, but it will probably be at a local library or some attorney’s office.
  • December 22, Orthopedic Clinic. This is being held at Children’s Hospital in Washington, D.C. The idea here is to measure his bone health and develop a plan to improve it. One test, called a DEXA scan, most interests me because it measures bone density. This will give us an indication if Ryan’s bones are seeing the benefit of the electro-stimulation cycling.
  • January 16, qEEG. Finally, one appointment we don’t have to take him out to have done! The international Brain Research Foundation (IBRF) medical team is coming to our home.


Once we make it through all those appointments, I’ll begin working on some big plans I have for Ryan’s Rally that I’d like to have in place before the summer rolls around. The short of it is, I believe I am in a position to help society and I have a deep yearning to take our brand into new areas. Sure, the primary goal is always to help Ryan. Or, as I think of it, “improving his situation”. But, we have so much more to offer! My first initiative will be to get some free or inexpensive office space (near my home) where Ryan and I can “go to work” everyday and be available to and for the public.

Any guesses where I’m going with this? I encourage you to try to figure it out, because you will likely come up with ideas that I hadn’t thought.


  1. Gail doyle says

    Ken, Some busy month ahead for you all…..praying all the tests and deposition go well and hoping your day goes smoothly. Waiting for news on the 17th. Please say hi to Ryan from me
    love Gail

  2. Anna says

    Several thoughts for your and Ryans office! First thought…A sort of “medical school” or nursing students, interns, residents, and anyone else who works in the medical field, including medical secretaries, hospital admitting. You could teach them a thing or two. Second thought would be to have the office as base for your and Ryans speaking engagements to maybe middle schoolers all the way up to college students to show them the effects of alchohol, anger management and poor parenting. You could use college students as “interns” in the office for secretary, legal, and medical experience. The most important thing to remember in this office is that Ryan wear a bow tie to work every day.
    I love this idea, you are amazing Ken, God does have a plan for Ryan and you are along for the ride. Always thinking of you.

  3. Paula says

    Oh my gosh….your post today was like an elixer to my soul. I am excited about the direction in which you are moving. It’s so inspiring! Thank you, Ken!!

    Sending my love & prayers today and every day, and wishing you and Ryan a good day together!

  4. Meg says

    Ken – have you thought about requesting gift cards for gas stations/car shops for gas, repairs, upgrades, etc, for The Chick Magnet throughout the year? I’m not sure how much you use the van but thinking about all the trips you have coming up, it might help?

    Wishing you a successful week!

  5. Jo says

    Omigosh! I am so ready for some good news today, and you are on the way! Don’t know if I can wait to find out what’s about to happen next! That’s what Team Diviney is all about–What’s About to Happen Next! And we are here to help see it through! You betcha! You can count on us. Thanks for the “tease.”

    Thinking about you a lot during these busy times. As I shopped in the Men’s Dept. at Macy’s today, all I could think about was Ryan. I cannot imagine what it must be like for all of you. Are there things that we could give Ryan for Christmas, other that what is on Ryan’s Wish List? I know he gets dressed every day, but what about making a list. This is not the same as asking for gifts, because I asked the question!! So, how about it? Enquiring minds want to know. I know his clothes get laundered quite frequently, so if you could let us know — pull over or button up shirts, cardigans or pullovers (v-necks or crew necks), sweats? O. K., you’re on… …

    Love you, praying for Ryan and all. :)

  6. says

    Busy, busy! Hope all the appointments go smoothly! Can’t wait to hear about your upcoming plans and expected news! Thank you for the card……really wish I could do more. I remain, here and not going anywhere!

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