Live! Coming Soon and Other Updates


Live! Page Coming Soon: I’m putting together a way to periodically stream live video to you (I have the page password protected until it’s working well enough to give it a try). This way, you’ll have a front row seat for parts of Ryan’s life. I’ll also include an area for live chat (I think) and see if it’s used; especially during live video streams.

I’m thinking my first live session — more as a test than event — might be during one of his stretching sessions. I’m targeting Monday (usually around 10:30 am) for this. Who knows, maybe I’ll just leave it on overnight once in a while and you can check in on him as he sleeps?

I’m trying to figure out a way to put an alert on the website that shows a live session is currently broadcasting, but for now you’ll just need to check in periodically. I also need to see if I can run this live stream to mobile devices (like smartphones and iPads/Tablets). I hope I can figure this out enough to, perhaps, shot live events when he goes out for appointments. I might be aiming too high on that one…

My greatest fear is that I’ll forget I’m broadcasting. That could certainly be embarrassing!

Now, some other items to keep you updated on:

  • Patio/Walkway. We’re having our (hopefully) last design meeting today. Then the ever-dreaded HOA application will be submitted early next week.
  • Baclofen. Ryan continues tolerating the last reduction. The medical script for another reduction is written and the home appointment is scheduled for December 12th. He will go down to ~175 mcg daily.
  • Butt Rash. Slightly reddish, but maintaining a healthy condition.
  • Van/Chick Magnet. $1,255 of the estimated $1,600 repair cost donated! No update on when it will be done. My deepest gratitude to those who helped to keep her rolling!
  • IBRF. Visiting tomorrow morning (yes, on a Sunday!). They are expecting to arrive around 7:30 am.
  • Toe Blisters. Topical care continues. The one area that had me concerned is doing well now.
  • Kitchenette. The contractor is ready to go once he gets the cabinets. He’s doing granite counter tops and hardwood cabinets!
  • Winter Break. Depending on Kari’s final exam schedule, she will be home for break in no more than 13 days! I can’t wait.
  • G-Tube Button. This is working out wonderfully. Having the ability to remove the tube has made potential injury from therapy practically non-existent. You can watch the video of me doing the actual replacement procedure on the Video page.

Note: My apologies for not posting yesterday. I had a head-splitting ocular migraine, making me use all my energy to plow through the day. It was actually making me sick to my stomach. It was also affecting my vision.

Remember, my vision was impaired.

Funny story (now) with the vision, I accidentally took some old anxiety pills, thinking they were prescription ibuprofen. Sue made a point to laugh at me as she pointed out my mistake around 10 pm. In my defense, the bottles looked nearly identical. Yes, I realized now it wasn’t my prescription either.

Seriously, I’m lucky I didn’t end up in the hospital. Over the course of 16 hours, I took four times the prescribed dosage! I guess this explains why the headache persisted and I felt so damn dizzy and tired. Heck, this was probably what was causing my nausea.

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  1. Colleen says

    Sorry to hear about your headache, but everything else sounds like you’re doing much better with the items on your list. Things are certainly more positive than earlier in the week – that’s good because you could use the break. Hope everything goes well tomorrow with IBRF – I don’t recall hearing what they had to say after the last visit?? Have a great weekend.

  2. Jo says

    Couldn’t be a Harvey Wallbanger!
    •3/4 oz vodka
    •1 1/2 oz orange juice
    •1/4 oz Galliano
    •orange slice for garnish
    •maraschino cherry for garnish
    Ummm — these are sometimes served at country club buffets, and they are a good thing! So it must be, Thunderf*#K ! Hmm? Do you usually have migraines? Just curious. They took My pres. med., Midrin, off the mkt.
    It was the best! Emetrix? I don’t know about this one. So happy that Ryan’s piggies are better and he is doing well physically. Waiting to hear from the IBRF. You are just so into making us happy — gonna make us techies yet! You’re a good man, Ken, and we are good for you — never, ever going away. Love

  3. The Colangelis says

    Checking into this blog is beginning to remind me of technology companies like Facebook, Google, Amazon, etc. They continually look for new ways to improve their products to benefit users. I think all your efforts to learn and apply latest technology has made for a very good site and one that is user friendly and informative. Great job!

  4. Sandy Martin says

    So glad to hear positive things this time. I was really concerned for you last week. It broke my heart to read how you were feeling…I prayed harder for you and your family!!!
    Hope everything goes as scheduled and can’t wait for the videos!!! SHSP

  5. Gail Doyle says

    Ken So glad to hear things are looking up compared to last week and Ryan is feeling good ..Hoping that headache of yours is better..Your tech knowledge is as good as your medical …amazing man with many talents :) Looking forward to watching videos. Give Ryan a big hug Love Gail. P.S. Good Luck with IBRF,praying it goes well

  6. Anna says

    Been away from a computer for a week! Actually not too bad, didn’t miss it as much as I thought except to catch up on Ryan. Started a new job on the Eastern Shore (dialysis nurse) and don’t have computer access or good cable tv there yet, not sure when I will get it. I come back to Baltimore on the weekends and am able to check in. After reading the last few blogs, sounds like Ryan is status quo, the spy nazis of the neighborhood are still at it, and you are you! Just contributed to the van repair, how could anyone not want to see this chick magnet on the road! The kitchen update sounds amazing. Keep up the good work Ken!

  7. Will says

    Ken I am praying that you are coping a little better what with all that is on your plate along with the Christmas season.

  8. Peggie says

    Ken, the Live! Page is a terrific idea. Hope I am able to “tune in” often. Anxious to hear about the IBRF visit. Good to hear that Ryan is doing so well in so many ways…successful Baclofen reduction, toe blisters, butt rash, etc. You are doing a marvelous job caring for him and meeting all of his needs in an extraordinay way. Please give Ryan my love with a hug and a kiss for me. Peggie
    PS Please don’t forget…I am one of the real believers in Ryan and his healing. His progress may feel slow, but it is ever present. There’s a large group of us here who simply will not give up. On those dark days try to remember that our prayers are always there with you to see you through those difficult times. Love and strength to you, Sue and Kari too now and forever. Remember the mantra….”We Got This”!!!!!…all of us…. We’re in this together WITH you, for as long as you will have us…and thank you for allowing us to be so connected to Ryan and his healing. We love you all…Divineys.

  9. Rita says

    Oh man, we’re so glad you survived that unintentional Wellbutrin overdose! Nothing like making a killer migraine even worse with even more of a headache, blurred vision, dizziness and nausea. Yep, those are the side effects… Thank God you didn’t have a seizure or worse, and I do believe He’s looking out for you, Ken. Take care of yourself as best as you can and never lose that sense of humor. It amazes me that someone can be so self-assured (and rightly so) and self-deprecating at the same time. I also love the fact that your wonderful wife can appreciate both sides of her resident funny genius. Keep each other laughing but stay safe! Love you both, and of course those beautiful children of yours <3

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